February 27 2017
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@ richhirsch
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Kenny - February 28 2017

This is an awesome topic and I fully agree w it. People are looking in the right direction when trying to move forward in life. But exactly as you stated, positive thinking alone can almost be delusion. Achieving goals does require taking some negativity into account and strategizing how to overcome those obstacles to arrive at your desired end result! Always been a big fan of rich, super happy to see him,(you if your reading), still into bmx but even more so, into this type of mental realm! This is exactly why I started my little brand The Metal Connection. To bring people who are about something together and to build a platform to be able to pass things like this along and make a difference in someone’s life! Check it out on ig @the_metal_connection. Btw this is from the heart lol not a promo for myself! Keep it coming!

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