March 05 2017
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@ richhirsch
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Roger - May 27 2017

That’s a sick bike hicks I just got my parts in from stranger

Tyler Richardson - March 13 2017

I love all your videos and would love to come ride with you some day and hopefully I can get sponsored by you so I will have the chance to get a good bike and then if I get sponsored I can help out all the kids around my city have nice bikes so if you can plz get back with me

Raymund - March 09 2017

Goodafternoon Sir Hick’s ! Im a BMX rider from philippines :) I have a favor to you Mr. Hicks I lost my bmx Yesterday :( In skatepark here in philippines ! I hope you can sponsor me some parts so i can build my new Bmx bike ! I appreciate your answer if you cant buy me some parts its ok Mr.Hicks i will savings $1 a day in here philippines 40-50 pesos a day . I hope you can help me to build my new bmx bike . Thanks a lot Mr.Hicks

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