November 30 2016
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Skello - December 21 2016

I really liked this article, and felt its inspiration though I am a much older BMXer at 59 years young.
i have had many opportunities thru BMX after 45 like be a sponsored bmx rider including going to woodward & more.
Yes I have many adult RESPONSIBILITIES,wife , kids, grand kids etc. but you’re right never lose your drive and the passion will find you. I know I will always be a Rider for Life, BMX 4 Life.

Erik - December 16 2016

i appreciate these posts. pretty inspirational

HAns - December 06 2016

I always envIed your dedication to the loVe of whateveR it was you were doing in life bRotha! You hIT it right on thE head man… It chooses you! Stay up homie.

Kurt - December 05 2016

So good.

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