December 05 2016
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Brennen D - July 06 2017

Im not the best rider but I try to work with what I got and in prove.

Andrew gauthier - June 13 2017

Dear Stranger Co,
I wasn’t fished with the first comment but I’ll finish it now. My friends told me to try to get sponsored but I thought wasent good enough. They told me to just try and see what happens so here I am. I hope you guys read this and try to get back with my I will send the sponsorship form when I am finished with the video .

Andrew gauthier - June 13 2017

Dear Stranger Co,
I am from 15 year old rider Buffalo, Ny. I have been riding now for about 2 years and I want to continue to do what I love, Bmx. I am a very committed person to things that I do and I am very helpful. In my area when ever one of someone’s bikes get broken they always run to me to help them fix it. I don’t just fix it I also teach them to fix the problem so they can lean too. All of my friends consider me to be the best rider around. I am currently working on a sponsorship video to send to you guys. This will take a while tho because I am going for the Best clips I ever got. My friends told me to try to get sponsored but I thought thought wasn’t

dallas - June 06 2017

thx for the info I think I’m good enogph

phillip cluever - May 22 2017

There is a couple reasons I would like to get sponsored first one is I just wanna keep riding bike with my friends its so fun hanging out with them but my bike breaks all the time. Second is that I just love biking so much im 16 and my parents will literally take away my bike if I get in trouble which doesnt happen very often but it does. So I would love to be sponsored to keep riding around and have fun with my bros

Turtle 4201 - May 10 2017

I would apreciate it to be sponsored and you because I and barley starting out BMX and I would love to get a new kit plus mine is old and is broken so would you help me out please stranger I would apreciate it and god bless you if you would help me out

Nathan Miller - April 28 2017

The info you guys left was extremely helpful and I hope one day that I will be good enough to get sponsored. Thanks again for the info on sponsorship.

Fotis Sanozidis - April 15 2017

Stranger bikes,
I just started bmx and im in a really good way.I ask you to sponsore me just to support me to do what i love…not many kids ride bmx in my town and i want your support to continue ride my bike..hope you’ll help me…

Tyler. Richardson - March 22 2017

I just started back riding bmx and I try my best an I really love helping out the younger kids in my town I would love to get better at riding but I really like seeing the kids have fun riding bc it is really just about making the kids happy I’m really looking to get sponsored so I can help the younger ones that don’t have bikes to ride but for now I’m just taking old parts and putting bikes together for them to ride. I really need to start riding harder

David Swartz - March 03 2017

Stranger bikes,

Good advice thanks i’m not that good at bmx but i do try and i do know about bikes and parts i know what i’m doing i also help out as much as i can with friends i’m a great team player thanks for this advice tho

Korey - February 14 2017

Bmx is a great art form..single tricks to a trick line it’s all art..It’s the love of going out to get on your bike..even if it’s just going out to pedal around ,going to get a quick sesh in with your boys..being sponsored would be a dream of mine because I’m the only rider in my town and I would really love to get more people in the town into riding..any sponsorship would help out tremendously even if it is sticker or hookup on parts that way I can give other kid my old parts to inspire them to ride..stranger is the way

Eli Burnett - February 09 2017

how about a father,son and daughter riding and learning together. i think that would make for good videos and also get your name out there ! hit me up !

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